Why ‘Trends’ Has Become Such A Dirty Word For Interior Design

The famous quote by Coco Chanel, “Fashion changes, but style endures,” might be a saying that the fashion world follows, however it applies just as much to the interior world. Although magazine covers are dominated by trend forecasting, many of the leading interior designers claim they don’t follow trends.

Isn’t that confusing? Why would interior brands spend all of that money to forecast trends and then apply the predictions to the products they offer? Why are stories printed by lifestyle publications about the most recent trends in flooring, kitchens and tiles?

The problem isn’t with changing trends, since they should help to keep interiors looking revitalised and fresh. It is how the trends are applied. That is exactly why so many homes look so generic these days.

Part of the problem might be the increasing accessibility we have to popular image resources like Instagram and Pinterest. I really love those apps and refer to them quite often, however I think we get drawn to things we know, and see the things we know repeatedly. It is frequently too easy to just throw spaces together that is an exact copy of a homewares catalogue, instead of thinking creatively.

There is also the fact that products continue to become more accessible due to mass distribution and production. However just because picking a new $25 bar stool up at a chain retailer is easy, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think twice before we change things. This can be done with a small amount of consideration and not much money. It’s too easy almost.

How do you break free from this rut?

Decorate your home over the long term

When you feel pressured to get your renovated or newly build property decked out in one hit it can really take all of the enjoyment out of this process. The end result is usually a reflection of this.

Give yourself time to consider purchases by shopping while you are visiting flea markets on a lazy Sunday, browsing Gumtree or while you are travelling. There is so much enjoyment to have when you find an old rattan rocking chair to put in your sitting room or an obscure vintage mirror that will go perfectly in your bathroom.

Recycle, re-purpose, reuse

Check out second-hand stores and markets to find places in your home for preloved and the old. We renovated our house recently and added preloved treasures in with our new purchases. I purchased two blue velvet vintage dining chairs years ago at RSCPA that are now our children’s bedside tables.

I created a gallery wall with new and old art pieces, including some that I have had for many years. I also took an antique daybed and at placed at the foot of our bed in the master bedroom.

Expand your horizons

Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic design resources. However, unless you seek out inspiration from a wide and diverse range of design retailers, designers and influencers, your ideas and designs will grow stale.

Thinking globally and look for what is going on in design magazines and blogs from overseas (try New York, London, Morocco, Paris). Australia does have a thriving design community. However, we are just one small corner of the big world out there and there is lots more to experience.

Tips to Increase Room in Your Built in Wardrobe

In an ideal world, every woman would have a large walk-in wardrobe the size of a master bedroom filled with luxury shoes and clothing with a well-lit dressing table. Sadly, in reality, this is something that very few people are ever able to have. However, before getting depressed about the lack of shoe collections or luxury clothing it is important to note that there is some good news.

The good news is that you do not have to have an elaborate and extensive walk-in wardrobe custom built by a professional joiner in order to have fun with your outfits. There are some little tips and tricks that anyone can use to make their current wardrobe, regardless of the size, work for them. If you feel that your current storage space is much too small you should consider whether or not you can convert another part of your house into a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room.

 Look At You Shelving

The first way to transform your wardrobe is to look at the shelving. Having custom-built shelving is a great idea, but this is not something that everyone is able to afford. If you can’t then you should consider shelving with adjustable heights. You can then change the height of the shelves depending on what is being stored in them.

If you have a lot of items that are a similar height you could store them together on the same shelf. This saves you space and ensures that the height of your shelves are being used to their full extent.

Push Button Tech

Making your wardrobe easy to use and clutter free is important so you should consider push button tech. The hooks on the door are a great place to start as you are able to get hooks that collapse into a virtually invisible button. You should always look at easy to use tech to help you make the most of your space.

The wardrobe that you have does not have to be the one you always have. People are always upgrading their built in wardrobes in Sydney and it is always possible to adjust your wardrobe to fit your needs. You can also easily convert a small area of your home into a small walk-in dressing room if you want to.

View More Examples of Great Wardrobe Organisation at the showroom:

Be Aware of Asbestos

When you are ripping out your old wardrobe, be aware of asbestos, the guys from clearasbestosremoval.com.au say that there are many instanced where asbestos has been used in the constructions of wardrobes in the past.

Hooks Might Be The Way To Go

When transforming your wardrobe you need to eliminate any dead space and the inside of the doors is an area to consider. Adding hooks to the inside of the door makes it an ideal place to store your accessories like scarves, ties, belts and bags. If hooks don’t offer you the look you want then you should consider getting rails. A towel rail can easily be attached to the door to make the space you want for your accessories.

Divide The Drawers

Drawers often become messy as the items inside shift about and mingle with each other. If you add a divider into the drawer you can separate different items and often end up with more space. You can use any divider from customer wood dividers to mass produced spring form. Not only will you have more space in the drawers, but you will also start to feel a bit more organized.

Go Retractable

Getting more from your wardrobe is easy when you start using retractable accessories. If you have a small area that you use for your walk-in having retractable accessories allows you pull out what you want and still have space to move around in when it retreats. Retractable accessories might not be the best option for a traditional wardrobe, but this would depend on how creative you can be.

Building A Granny Flat

Around Australia, there’s been a huge increase in homeowners building granny flats. There are many benefits to having a granny flat, not the least of being that you have a space for your extended family and can provide a home office or use it to generate rental income.

So What Exactly Is A Granny Flat?

The granny flat is a term that is used for a secondary dwelling on any piece of property. Granny flats are attached to the main house or the garage and they can be a separate structure or dwelling. In many cases, the granny flat is actually less expensive to create than a new building since it doesn’t interfere with the structure of the main house. One of the main reasons for a granny flat is because they are cost alternative remedy for renovation.

Granny flats are typically smaller than the average home. They are typically only 60 square meters in size. There are various designs and some actually have 3 bedrooms and kitchen. Maybe even both the dining and living space. Others are simply one large space that acts as an office or a hobby space.

One of the best things about granny Flats as if they can be built so quickly it typically only takes one to two months for a granny flat to be built.

Where Can You Build A Granny Flat?

Granny Flats can be built on residentially zoned property. However, it’s best to check with your local Council in case there are any restrictions against building a secondary dwelling. Some blocks have more restrictions than others so you may want to check with the local municipality to check and see what they are. The best way to do this is to buy a planning certificate from your local Council when you purchase your home.

Typically Granny flats must be 450 Square meters in size and it doesn’t take up more than 60% of the property. The property should be eligible for a grant. Should you choose to use more than one of the specialist construction companies popping up all over the place there they are able to help you with your granny flat design.

Always Do Your Homework

In order to find out about your current legislation regarding benefits, you’ll have to call you local Council.

Dependent upon the size of your block, you might even need them to have Council approval for you to build a granny flat. It usually takes 10 days to get this certificate so if you wanted to get started on the Granny flat, you’ll want to get started on the certificate. However, if you don’t need to get approval, the process may only take 6 to 8 weeks. This again depends on upon the council and the specific requirements for the area you’re visiting.

Of course, it’s more important to check the specifics with your local Council. However, there are typical regulations that you must consider.

The owner of Granny flat must also be the owner of your main dwelling. Typically, the property is limited to only one granny flat. Granny Flats mustn’t have strata title, therefore, subdivided or Community title properties can’t have a granny flat. Granny Flats must have clear separate and even unobstructed pedestrian access at all times.

Make sure you have enough access for moving the flat in to your backyard if it is partially built off-site and then put in with a crane. Make sure you get a reliable Sydney crane hire service to put the granny flat in your backyard with very little disruption.

Why Are Granny Flats So Popular?

Granny flats are very popular and have increased dramatically over the last decade with high house prices and keeping teens and adults at home for much longer. Parents are seeking ways to keep their level of Independence and still maintain a modem of privacy while remaining close to children.

It also appears that those who invest in properties are typically looking for granny Flats so that they can encourage families to stay together yet live separately they’re a cheap alternative to new construction and they can also increase the value of the rental property by almost as much as 10%. Extra income from rentals can also help those who want to pay off the mortgage early and it can work as a weekly rent so that they have an income coming in.

There are some mixed opinions regarding granny Flats. While they do add value to the property. Many claim that they make the property more difficult to sell if it’s sold later down the road. There is a more limited pool of buyers that are willing to pay extra to have a property with a Granny flat.

Therefore before you make any decision you must weigh the pros and cons regarding a granny flat on your home property.

Top 5 Questions Before You Get Outdoor Blinds

You asked, you got it it. here’s the answers to your Questions before you get Outdoor Blinds:

1. Should I choose manual or motorized outdoor blinds?

Although both kinds of outdoor blinds can provide the protection and shade that you need, there are also some other important factors that may help you with your decision on which will best suit you. The major difference between manual and motorized blinds is the way that they operate; motorized blinds open and close electronically via a remote control or fixed switch. On the other hand manual blinds work by hand through using a crank system. Motorized blinds work especially well for places that are difficult to reach. The most convenient choice are motorized blinds, however they tend to cost more, so you will need to take a look at your lifestyle, outdoor are and budget to determine which is the best solution for you.

2. What other kinds of outdoor blind designs are there?

In addition to the option between manual and motorized outdoor blinds, a majority of suppliers have a selection of different outdoor blind designs that they offer. The best-known choices include slide track blinds, clip and crank outdoor blinds and HD channel blinds. HD channel blinds are a very popular kind of outdoor blind that is frequently used in business and residential homes patio areas. Versatile yet simple crank and clip blinds are perfect for more challenging areas and installations, and with slide track blinds it is possible to create a sleek and nearly invisible appearance. Other styles of outdoor blinds include external window blinds, roof to fence blinds and wire guide blinds.


3. What are the various materials?

A majority of outdoor blinds are made out of PVC, acrylic materials and mesh fabrics and usually come in a wide selection of colors, but also vary a great deal in quality depending on which manufacturer you choose. The main features you should look for are high percentage of wind, rain and sun protection, fade and UV resistance, outdoor fabrics with tight weaves that don’t tear or wear out easily and good overall quality.

4. What quality does the product have?

In addition to being made out of quality fabrics, a high quality outdoor blind system all will perfectly fit your outdoor area, look good for many years and function in an effortless manner. In addition to looking at different fabrics, you will also want to talk with your Sydney outdoor blinds installer about the remote and electronic systems on their blinds, the quality of the elements of the operating system like locking features, clips, cranks and straps, and also their installation process and workmanship.

5. What makes outdoor blinds stand apart from products from competitors?

Purchasing high quality outdoor blinds are potentially an excellent investment for the exterior of our home. It increases the value of your home by adding aesthetic appeal, comfort and a new room in your house. Make sure you make a solid investment by selecting an outdoor blind supplier that offers you more than merely high quality outdoor blinds. Also search for other important factors such as a good warranty on their workmanship and products, product customization and turnaround time on installation. In addition to can request to see samples of previous production installations they have done. A majority of reputable suppliers are happy to provide you with photos of past projects.

Choosing A Decorating Color Scheme For Your Home

Homeowners dream of decorating their homes in a way that is both inviting and elegant. When it comes to decorating a home, there are many things to consider including flooring options, furniture and paint color. However, before you begin decorating your home, you must make a decision on the color scheme for your home. This article offers you advice to help you decide on a color scheme for your next decorating project.

The first thing you will want to do when deciding on a color scheme is to grab a color wheel. The following methods can be used for a color scheme using a color wheel.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Many people think that a monochromatic color scheme only uses one color; however, a monochromatic color scheme uses various shades of color from the same color family. This option helps create a harmonious living area that looks beautiful.

Analogous Color Scheme

This color scheme uses colors that are similar. You begin by selecting a color from the color wheel and then using the neighboring colors located on each side of the color wheel. If you do not like one of the colors on the side of your color choice, look at the color beside the corresponding color to the left or the right. Use three to five consecutive colors to create a gorgeous color scheme. This option produces a richer color scheme than a monochromatic color scheme, but it is as easy to create as a monochromatic color scheme.

Complementary Color Scheme

With this color scheme, choose your favorite color and then look at the color directly across on your color wheel. The two colors that are across from each other naturally complement one another. Once color will be warm with hues of either red, yellow or orange and the other color will be cool with hues of purple, green or blue. The color you choose should be your dominant color in your decorating scheme and use the secondary color as your accent color. This color scheme is a little harder to balance; however, it can create a dynamic look.

Split Complementary Color Scheme

With this option, you will choose your favorite color and then use two of the colors that are adjacent to the complementary color located directly across from your color choice. This scheme is great when your dominant color is a warm hue and you use cool hues as your accent colors.

Triadic Color Scheme

With a triadic scheme, you will choose three colors that are evenly spaced apart on your color wheel. This color scheme is the most common color scheme to use in decorating. The color that you choose as your favorite is used in large amounts and the other two colors are used throughout the room to add interest.

A color wheel is a great way to help you determine a color scheme. When choosing a color scheme think of the furnishings and linens that will be in the room and try to ensure that they will complement your new color scheme. If your furnishings will not work with your color scheme, you can purchase new furniture or you can purchase new slipcovers.

The information located above will help you to choose a color palette that you will enjoy. The most important thing to remember when choosing a color scheme is to find colors that speak to your soul and inspire you. Grab a few design magazines, look online at different color palettes and if necessary, seek the help of a professional. Remember, the most important part is coming up with a color palette that you will enjoy for several years.

Design Tips for a Child’s Bedroom

Many people consider decorating a child’s room to be difficult. Parents want a room that is comfortable and pleasing for their child. Additionally, the design should include a play area and a storage area for their toys in addition to the child’s bedroom furniture. This can cause parents to question how they can accomplish all of this.

As a child ages, their bedroom will need to evolve. The area that was once used for playtime now becomes the area used for homework. When decorating an older child’s bedroom, the child should have significant input on the room’s decor. This will help the child take pride in their room and properly care for it and keep it clean. Older children may wish to incorporate elements of their interests, hobbies or talents into their room’s decor.

When you are beginning a bedroom decorating project, you need to come up with a color scheme or a theme first. Determining the main focus will help you decorate. The main focus can be the bed, a painted wall mural, a display shelf or a play area. Focus on the one area to help you come up with a decorating scheme and color scheme. Doing so will help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

Lighting is another thing to consider when decorating a child’s room. Think of the type of lighting that will best suit the bedroom. A typical bedroom will include a ceiling light, a bedside lamp and a night light. If the bedroom is for an older child, you may wish to include a desk lamp in your lighting scheme.

When it comes to choosing decorative elements for a bedroom, you should use your imagination and think of safety. If the bedroom is located on the second floor, you may wish to install window guards. If you will be using bunk beds, ensure that they are sturdy. Wall units and bookcases should be bolted to the wall to help prevent accidental tip overs should the child climb on them. Finally, electrical cords and blind cords should be kept out of reach from children.

For older children, you will want to include a desk and a comfortable chair into the design scheme. This will give them an area to study and do school projects. Younger children will also love a table and a chair that is the child sized. For older children, a table and a two-drawer cabinet can help keep the room neat and organized. The cabinet will allow them to store reference materials and paperwork that they will need for their studies. Finally, if you allow your child to keep a computer in their room, the desk should be positioned near an electrical outlet.

Decorating a child’s room is not difficult when you have the right information. Use the tips from this article to design the perfect bedroom for your child no matter what their age is.