Tips to Increase Room in Your Built in Wardrobe

In an ideal world, every woman would have a large walk-in wardrobe the size of a master bedroom filled with luxury shoes and clothing with a well-lit dressing table. Sadly, in reality, this is something that very few people are ever able to have. However, before getting depressed about the lack of shoe collections or luxury clothing it is important to note that there is some good news.

The good news is that you do not have to have an elaborate and extensive walk-in wardrobe custom built by a professional joiner in order to have fun with your outfits. There are some little tips and tricks that anyone can use to make their current wardrobe, regardless of the size, work for them. If you feel that your current storage space is much too small you should consider whether or not you can convert another part of your house into a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room.

 Look At You Shelving

The first way to transform your wardrobe is to look at the shelving. Having custom-built shelving is a great idea, but this is not something that everyone is able to afford. If you can’t then you should consider shelving with adjustable heights. You can then change the height of the shelves depending on what is being stored in them.

If you have a lot of items that are a similar height you could store them together on the same shelf. This saves you space and ensures that the height of your shelves are being used to their full extent.

Push Button Tech

Making your wardrobe easy to use and clutter free is important so you should consider push button tech. The hooks on the door are a great place to start as you are able to get hooks that collapse into a virtually invisible button. You should always look at easy to use tech to help you make the most of your space.

The wardrobe that you have does not have to be the one you always have. People are always upgrading their built in wardrobes in Sydney and it is always possible to adjust your wardrobe to fit your needs. You can also easily convert a small area of your home into a small walk-in dressing room if you want to.

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Be Aware of Asbestos

When you are ripping out your old wardrobe, be aware of asbestos, the guys from say that there are many instanced where asbestos has been used in the constructions of wardrobes in the past.

Hooks Might Be The Way To Go

When transforming your wardrobe you need to eliminate any dead space and the inside of the doors is an area to consider. Adding hooks to the inside of the door makes it an ideal place to store your accessories like scarves, ties, belts and bags. If hooks don’t offer you the look you want then you should consider getting rails. A towel rail can easily be attached to the door to make the space you want for your accessories.

Divide The Drawers

Drawers often become messy as the items inside shift about and mingle with each other. If you add a divider into the drawer you can separate different items and often end up with more space. You can use any divider from customer wood dividers to mass produced spring form. Not only will you have more space in the drawers, but you will also start to feel a bit more organized.

Go Retractable

Getting more from your wardrobe is easy when you start using retractable accessories. If you have a small area that you use for your walk-in having retractable accessories allows you pull out what you want and still have space to move around in when it retreats. Retractable accessories might not be the best option for a traditional wardrobe, but this would depend on how creative you can be.

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