Building A Granny Flat

Around Australia, there’s been a huge increase in homeowners building granny flats. There are many benefits to having a granny flat, not the least of being that you have a space for your extended family and can provide a home office or use it to generate rental income.

So What Exactly Is A Granny Flat?

The granny flat is a term that is used for a secondary dwelling on any piece of property. Granny flats are attached to the main house or the garage and they can be a separate structure or dwelling. In many cases, the granny flat is actually less expensive to create than a new building since it doesn’t interfere with the structure of the main house. One of the main reasons for a granny flat is because they are cost alternative remedy for renovation.

Granny flats are typically smaller than the average home. They are typically only 60 square meters in size. There are various designs and some actually have 3 bedrooms and kitchen. Maybe even both the dining and living space. Others are simply one large space that acts as an office or a hobby space.

One of the best things about granny Flats as if they can be built so quickly it typically only takes one to two months for a granny flat to be built.

Where Can You Build A Granny Flat?

Granny Flats can be built on residentially zoned property. However, it’s best to check with your local Council in case there are any restrictions against building a secondary dwelling. Some blocks have more restrictions than others so you may want to check with the local municipality to check and see what they are. The best way to do this is to buy a planning certificate from your local Council when you purchase your home.

Typically Granny flats must be 450 Square meters in size and it doesn’t take up more than 60% of the property. The property should be eligible for a grant. Should you choose to use more than one of the specialist construction companies popping up all over the place there they are able to help you with your granny flat design.

Always Do Your Homework

In order to find out about your current legislation regarding benefits, you’ll have to call you local Council.

Dependent upon the size of your block, you might even need them to have Council approval for you to build a granny flat. It usually takes 10 days to get this certificate so if you wanted to get started on the Granny flat, you’ll want to get started on the certificate. However, if you don’t need to get approval, the process may only take 6 to 8 weeks. This again depends on upon the council and the specific requirements for the area you’re visiting.

Of course, it’s more important to check the specifics with your local Council. However, there are typical regulations that you must consider.

The owner of Granny flat must also be the owner of your main dwelling. Typically, the property is limited to only one granny flat. Granny Flats mustn’t have strata title, therefore, subdivided or Community title properties can’t have a granny flat. Granny Flats must have clear separate and even unobstructed pedestrian access at all times.

Make sure you have enough access for moving the flat in to your backyard if it is partially built off-site and then put in with a crane. Make sure you get a reliable Sydney crane hire service to put the granny flat in your backyard with very little disruption.

Why Are Granny Flats So Popular?

Granny flats are very popular and have increased dramatically over the last decade with high house prices and keeping teens and adults at home for much longer. Parents are seeking ways to keep their level of Independence and still maintain a modem of privacy while remaining close to children.

It also appears that those who invest in properties are typically looking for granny Flats so that they can encourage families to stay together yet live separately they’re a cheap alternative to new construction and they can also increase the value of the rental property by almost as much as 10%. Extra income from rentals can also help those who want to pay off the mortgage early and it can work as a weekly rent so that they have an income coming in.

There are some mixed opinions regarding granny Flats. While they do add value to the property. Many claim that they make the property more difficult to sell if it’s sold later down the road. There is a more limited pool of buyers that are willing to pay extra to have a property with a Granny flat.

Therefore before you make any decision you must weigh the pros and cons regarding a granny flat on your home property.

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