Choosing A Decorating Color Scheme For Your Home

Homeowners dream of decorating their homes in a way that is both inviting and elegant. When it comes to decorating a home, there are many things to consider including flooring options, furniture and paint color. However, before you begin decorating your home, you must make a decision on the color scheme for your home. This article offers you advice to help you decide on a color scheme for your next decorating project.

The first thing you will want to do when deciding on a color scheme is to grab a color wheel. The following methods can be used for a color scheme using a color wheel.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Many people think that a monochromatic color scheme only uses one color; however, a monochromatic color scheme uses various shades of color from the same color family. This option helps create a harmonious living area that looks beautiful.

Analogous Color Scheme

This color scheme uses colors that are similar. You begin by selecting a color from the color wheel and then using the neighboring colors located on each side of the color wheel. If you do not like one of the colors on the side of your color choice, look at the color beside the corresponding color to the left or the right. Use three to five consecutive colors to create a gorgeous color scheme. This option produces a richer color scheme than a monochromatic color scheme, but it is as easy to create as a monochromatic color scheme.

Complementary Color Scheme

With this color scheme, choose your favorite color and then look at the color directly across on your color wheel. The two colors that are across from each other naturally complement one another. Once color will be warm with hues of either red, yellow or orange and the other color will be cool with hues of purple, green or blue. The color you choose should be your dominant color in your decorating scheme and use the secondary color as your accent color. This color scheme is a little harder to balance; however, it can create a dynamic look.

Split Complementary Color Scheme

With this option, you will choose your favorite color and then use two of the colors that are adjacent to the complementary color located directly across from your color choice. This scheme is great when your dominant color is a warm hue and you use cool hues as your accent colors.

Triadic Color Scheme

With a triadic scheme, you will choose three colors that are evenly spaced apart on your color wheel. This color scheme is the most common color scheme to use in decorating. The color that you choose as your favorite is used in large amounts and the other two colors are used throughout the room to add interest.

A color wheel is a great way to help you determine a color scheme. When choosing a color scheme think of the furnishings and linens that will be in the room and try to ensure that they will complement your new color scheme. If your furnishings will not work with your color scheme, you can purchase new furniture or you can purchase new slipcovers.

The information located above will help you to choose a color palette that you will enjoy. The most important thing to remember when choosing a color scheme is to find colors that speak to your soul and inspire you. Grab a few design magazines, look online at different color palettes and if necessary, seek the help of a professional. Remember, the most important part is coming up with a color palette that you will enjoy for several years.

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